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In the quiet spaces between the bustling rhythms of existence, I find solace. My artistic journey is a solitary pilgrimage through the intricate tapestry of life, where every brushstroke, every etching, is a whispered conversation with the universe.

As a printmaker, my art is a refuge—a sanctuary nestled within the intricate complexities of nature. Each piece is an exploration of my perception of the world and the role I play within its grand tapestry. In the subtle whispers of the wind's path, the gentle flow of water, and the rhythmic dance of the seasons, I uncover small treasures, offering solace in a world often besieged by chaos.

Guided by the ancient wisdom of Daoist philosophy, particularly the principle of 無為 – Wu Wei, I seek to create an environment conducive to reflection—a space where viewers can immerse themselves in the flow of the natural world. In the cycles of the sun, the meandering rivers, and the resilient life of trees, I find inspiration for embodying Wu Wei, allowing actions to unfold effortlessly, in harmony with the unfolding circumstances.

Through the transformative power of art, I invite both audience and artist to experience the meditative state of "flow," where the ceaseless chatter of the mind is silenced, and one is fully present in the moment. As I delve into the creative process, I find myself immersed in a world of my own making, experiencing a profound senseof tranquility amidst the focused concentration of printmaking.

Drawing from the ancient Chinese concept of 游觀, or "travel and observation," I aim to transport viewers to realms beyond their immediate surroundings, fostering a deeper connection to the natural world. In blending these timeless concepts with contemporary art, I aspire to provide moments of respite and spiritual elevation for urban dwellers inundated by the hustle of city life.

Within the fleeting beauty of our earthly realm, I seek echoes of eternity, weaving together the delicate dance of joy and sorrow, fragility and resilience. Like a silent observer upon life's vibrant stage, I invite you to join me in exploring the profound parallels between nature's transformations and the evolution of humanity.

So, if you're weary, just take a deep breath—right here. In the gentle embrace of my prints, may you rediscover the sacred dance of non-action and find reassurance in the whispered promise that it will be okay.




Anthony Huang is a Taiwanese-American artist. He was born in Taipei and raised in Shanghai, China. He received his BA in Journalism at the East China University of Political Science and Law in 2014. After spending time working as a professional ballroom-dancer and theater producer in Shanghai, he moved to the United States where he lived first in Los Angeles, California and then receved his first MFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently he is studying at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for MFA in Studio Art concentrated in Printmaking.

Huang began printmaking in 2020 and became enamored with the charm of the traditional print processes. The Daoist philosophy influenced his artistic practice – Wu Wei. He's trying to use the idea of Wu Wei to rethink the relationship between urban space and the natural world and how it can create a spiritual sublimation for urban citizens.

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