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和光同塵 Soften the Glare, Unify as Dust

A MFA Thesis Exhibition

Ewing Gallery of Art + Architecture 

Knoxville, Tennessee

March 18 - 24, 2024


If you're weary, just take a deep breath — right here.

In the grand tapestry of life, we journey alone, stepping into the unknown like solitary souls. Joy and sorrow orchestrate a symphony within the depths of our hearts, weaving a delicate dance of fragility and resilience. How fleeting this existence is, whispers of the universe in the wind—should we be adorned by the hues of happiness or shrouded in the shadows of sorrow?

Behold the fleeting splendor of the earthly realm, where mountains rise and rivers carve their paths through endless ages. Time, a ruthless sculptor, etches its mark upon the landscapes, shaping the essence of existence. Yet in these fleeting moments, do we dare to glimpse the embrace of eternity?

I seek parallels between natural transformations and the evolution of humanity: in the intricate patterns of withered wood, in the misty veils of mountains, in the shimmering brilliance of rivers. I trace the echoes of seasons past, the undulations of life's eternal cycle. I invite you to join.

In the pursuit of emotional equilibrium, I turn to the wisdom of the Dao, seeking harmony amidst the noise of life. Through the principle of Wu Wei, which means non-action, I embrace the art of effortless living, finding solace in the gentle rhythms of the cosmos.

As an artist, I stand upon the vibrant stage of life, a silent observer seeking peace within the space of creation. It is here, in this sacred space between you and me, that I hope you glimpse the inner sanctum of the soul — a space where you can travel in your own way. Please, travel and observe

In quiet introspection, I find my space — a realm where the self merges with the sublime, where the spirit wanders in the boundless expanse of human experience. I hope you do too.

Soften the Glare, Unify as Dust, like a whispered incantation, is a guiding light in the labyrinth of life.

May its gentle rhythm inspire the soul to rediscover the sacred dance of non-action, embracing the fleeting beauty of life's eternal melody.

If you're weary, just take a deep breath — right here.

It will be okay. I promise.



Koichi Yamamoto

Sally Brogden

Mary Laube



Eric Cagley

Whitney Caruthers

Landin Eldridge

Elysia Mann

Sarah McFalls

Nick Munson

Adriana Torres-Cruz

Chloe Wack

Megan Wolfkill

Casey Wolhar

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